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SGA Elections System

K-State's Student Governing Association (SGA) outsourced their online student elections for several years without great success.

Bill Harlan, then interim assistant coordinator and now assistant coordinator of student activities with SGA said, "We went through three vendors in three years. Each year, we spent the majority of our time making their system fit our needs."

With the goals of increasing voter turnout and making the online election more accessible to students, the SGA Elections System was developed and released in 2003 by iTAC and then Division of Continuing Education's Information Systems Office (now Office of Mediated Education). The SGA Elections System was the first new application at K-State to fully utilize eIDs.

The system allows current undergraduate students to sign in with their eID and vote for the primary and general student governing association elections held during the spring semester. Students do not need to be on-campus to use the web-based SGA Elections System and can vote when polls are open.