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- Lecture conducted on January 29, 2013 -

"Coming from such a historically rich and politically complex part of the world, Ambassador Oren no doubt will shed new light on our country's relationship with Israel," said Jackie Hartman, the university's chief of staff, director of community relations and chair of the Landon Lecture Series. "He will help us carry on the Landon Lecture Series tradition of bringing world leaders to Kansas State University."

Oren has been called one of the five most influential Jewish leaders in America and one of the 10 most influential Jewish leaders worldwide. He has been instrumental in securing U.S. support for Israel's defense and upholding Israel's right to security and peace. He briefs Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and other Israeli leaders on issues vital to the U.S.-Israel alliance.

Oren was born in the U.S. and educated at Princeton and Columbia universities. His last two books, "Power, Faith, and Fantasy: America in the Middle East from 1776 to the Present" and "Six Days of War," were New York Times bestsellers. Active in social media, Oren has a presence on Twitter at!/AmbassadorOren and on Facebook at

Photo Credit: Anne Mandelbaum


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