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The Landon Lecture SeriesAlfred M. Landon
Alfred M. Landon

History of the:

Kansas State University maintains one of the most prestigious lecture series in American colleges and universities: the Alfred M. Landon Lecture Series on Public Issues. Inaugurated in 1966 by former K-State President James A. McCain, the series is a tribute to the late Alfred M. Landon, who for many years was Kansas' most distinguished political leader.

Alf Landon Campaign Poster, 1936Governor Landon was sworn in as governor of Kansas on January 9, 1933, and served two consecutive terms in office. Later the governor was the 1936 Republican Party nominee for president of the United States. On December 13, 1966, Governor Landon delivered the first lecture in the series: "New Challenges in International Relations," .

(The audio file of the inaugural lecture given by Governor Landon is available in the past speakers section)

Sadly, on October 12, 1987, Governor Landon died shortly after his 100th birthday.

Three to five of the country's leading personalities appear on the Landon Lecture platform each academic year. Speakers who come to Kansas State University to honor Governor Landon with their appearance are drawn from the public arena of world-renowned politicians, journalists, cabinet members and other prominent figures involved in current public issues. Presidents Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan and George H. W. Bush have delivered Landon lectures.

The lectures are given in the university's McCain Auditorium and are attended by K-State students, faculty and alumni, as well as the general public. A press conference is held following each lecture to give news media representatives the opportunity to question the lecturer. After each lecture, the guest is invited to make brief comments at a luncheon with the lecture series patrons.

The Landon lecture series is sponsored by approximately 400 patrons. Each patron receives a ticket to a special reserved section in the auditorium and a luncheon ticket, as well as a printed copy of each lecture. Become a patron of the Landon lecture series.

The printed manuscript, prepared in an attractive booklet, is sent to state and land-grant universities, the Kansas Congressional delegation, KSU alumni directors, KSU Foundation trustees, media representatives and other university personnel.

Landon lectures are frequently broadcast live by several Kansas television and radio stations and generally receive nationwide attention.

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