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Instructional Capture


Mediasite is an instructional capture solution that can be used in several different ways. One version is via a classroom device that would receive a video signal and audio signal from built in video cameras, the projector, and microphones within the classroom. Mediasite can then automatically (or via a simple push button) record the instructional session (or even do a live webcast). The content is then processed online and the instructor then places a link or embed code wherever he/she wants the video displayed.

Another option with Mediasite is the use of its software version. This allows instructors to create video session and/or computer screen captures on their own computers either in their office, at home, or anywhere with their laptop or tablet (iPhones can also be used with an app). 

A powerful feature of Mediasite is that it offers instructors detailed analytics about students and their viewing habits. Instructors can see when their students watched the videos and how long they were watched for. This offers excellent information to see students use of the videos as well as issues or problems with content if students are observed re-watching certain portions or videos. Additional features of the Mediasite system are the ability to create a custom player with ability to have custom headings/colors and the ability to play content faster or slower without effecting instruction voice tone. 

Additional uses of Mediasite include:

  • Flipping the classroom
  • Use for online students
  • Use for all students review before a test
  • Use by exchange students who have English as a second language
  • Use by students with learning challenges
  • Use by instructors with various ideas on manipulating their pedagogical approaches

For additional information on what Mediasite has to offer please review K-State's Mediasite website.

BB Collaborate

BB Collaborate is a real-time, collaboration tool that allows groups to meet online for lectures, virtual office hours, review sessions, meetings, interviews and more. It is available by accessing K-State Online.

BB Collaborate utilizes multi-way audio (VIP) to send voice through the Internet, instead of using standard phone lines. The only things that students and instructors need to use BB Collaborate are speakers, a microphone and a solid Internet connection to communicate as if they were face to face. The audio is nearly instantaneous, regardless of location.

Some BB Collaborate features include:

  • Content sharing (Power Point slides, Flash movies)
  • Text chat room 
  • Closed-captioning 
  • Ability to restrict audio or chat participation
  • Interactive polls, quizzes and surveys
  • Ability to dismiss users
  • Screen sharing between instructor and user
  • Archives

Many if not all of these features are available through K-State's Zoom Video Conferencing Tool.

To arrange for any of these services or for more information, please contact the Office of Mediated Education's electronic media coordinator, Brent Anders at (785) 532-2449 or superman@k-state.edu

Brent Anders   Electronic Media Coordinator
K-State Foundation Bldg Suite 137A
2323 Anderson Ave.
Kansas State University
(785) 532-2449