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Web Presentation Services


The services offered by our web presentation team include:

  • Wimba technical support and training

  • Camtasia Studio and Screenflow technical support and training

  • Technical support for podcasts, including creation and delivery help for faculty

  • Individual technical support and consultation

Wimba is a real-time, collaboration tool that allows groups to meet online for lectures, virtual office hours, review sessions, meetings, interviews and more. It is available by accessing K-State Online or Axio.

Horizon Wimba utilizes multi-way audio (VIP) to send voice through the Internet, instead of using standard phone lines. The only things that students and instructors need to use Wimba are speakers, a microphone and a solid Internet connection to communicate as if they were face to face. The audio is nearly instantaneous, regardless of location.

Some Wimba features include:

  • Content sharing (Power Point slides, Flash movies)

  • Text chat room

  • Closed-captioning

  • Ability to restrict audio or chat participation

  • Interactive polls, quizzes and surveys

  • Ability to dismiss users

  • Screen sharing between instructor and user

  • Archives

Check out the Wimba Quick Reference Guide (PDF) for tips on getting started.

Wimba technical support and training is available by contacting the Office of Mediated Education's web presentations services coordinator.

Camtasia Studio and Screenflow

Camtasia Studio and Screenflow are a complete classroom capture solution that are fully integrated into the room itself.

Camtasia Studio and Screenflow seamlessly record and synchronizes audio, video and data output from any presentation device (notebook, document camera, smart board, etc.) and instantly turns it into an online, rich-media presentation. Students benefit from the web-based player with the instructor video and everything that the instructor showed on the computer.

Camtasia Studio and Screenflow are great for showing software or creating any type of training to be captured for on-demand playback.

Podcast Technical Help, Creation and Delivery

A podcast is a digital media file that is pushed to end users over the Internet so that they access the file on their computers or portable media players, like iPods.

Many educators are using podcasts as a way to distribute lectures and other course work and information so that students can access and listen outside of the classroom.

OME can help faculty create, edit, and distribute podcasts.

Individual technical support and consultation

The Web Presentation Services Coordinator is available for one-on-one and group technical support, training, and consultation for Wimba, Camtasia Studio, Screenflow, Podcast creation, as well as K-State Online and Axio Learning.

Individuals and groups can come to the Office of Mediated Education or the WPS coordinator will meet you at your location.

To arrange for any of these services or for more information, please contact the Office of Mediated Education's electronic media coordinator, Brent Anders at (785) 532-2449 or superman@k-state.edu

Brent Anders   Electronic Media Coordinator
K-State Foundation Bldg Suite 137A
2323 Anderson Ave.
Kansas State University
(785) 532-2449