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Office of Mediated Education

Office of Mediated Education
Unger Complex
Suite 146
2323 Anderson Avenue
Kansas State University
Manhattan, KS 66502

Phone: 785-532-5698
Fax: 785-532-0822



Web Hosting and Design

We host hundreds of educational websites and applications such as static webpages, dynamic content, web applications and streaming content across several different servers. Content availability is reliable and secure.

Live Audio/Video Webcasting

Any event can be recorded and streamed live over the Internet. Common events include interview presentations, guest speakers and university lectures.

CD/DVD Duplication

We can duplicate and create custom CDs and/or DVDs such as course videos, conference proceedings, Tegrity content and meeting handouts. We also provide inkjet label printing.

Audio/Video Encoding and Editing

Present us with your video and we can digitize/encode it into a variety of formats to meet your needs. Editing can also be done to enhance the presentation of your educational content.

Web Presentations

Get help presenting your course or event online with several different options for multimedia and web applications. We can help you select and implement the best method to meet your needs.