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Office of Mediated Education

Office of Mediated Education
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Phone: 785-532-5698
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Live Audio/Video Webcasting

Live audio/video webcasting (Internet streaming) is a premium service offered by the Office of Mediated Education. OME provides these services regularly for interview presentations, guest speakers, classroom captures, university lectures and special events.

With this service, OME sends a team to set up on location (a local network connection is required). The audio/video feed is taken from the source system and the signal is encoded (digitized) to provide a live video stream.

The cost for this service is $200 for set-up and $80 per hour, per camera operator. The set up fee includes a webpage where people can click on the link to launch the live webcast. An embed code is also provided so you can optionally display the live webcast on your own website. Additionally, there is a $50 after-hours fee for any event occurring after normal business hours (8 a.m. to 5 p.m.).

A recording of the live event can be provided via Mediasite or electronic file transfer. Recordings can be written onto DVD media as data files for $5.10 per DVD.

To arrange for any of these services, please submit an Event Capture request form or contact Robert Nelson at 785-532-3141 for more information.