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Office of Mediated Education

Office of Mediated Education
Unger Complex
Suite 146
2323 Anderson Avenue
Kansas State University
Manhattan, KS 66502

Phone: 785-532-5698
Fax: 785-532-0822

CD/DVD Duplication

OME currently creates thousands of CDs and DVDs every semester including course video CDs, conference proceedings, meeting handouts and many other educational projects. Our high capacity systems can quickly get your media polished and delivered. Electronic media services are available to the entire K-State campus.

Media typeQuantityPrice
Printable CD or DVDAny amount$5.10 ea
CD/DVD ProductionAny amount$80/hr
K-State Online Course on a disk$100 per course, or $50 per course if 25 disks or more are duplicated through our office.

To arrange for any of this service or for more information, please contact the Office of Mediated Education's electronic media coordinator, Brent Anders at (785) 532-2449 or superman@k-state.edu

Brent Anders   Electronic Media Coordinator
K-State Foundation Bldg Suite 137A
2323 Anderson Ave.
Kansas State University
(785) 532-2449