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Office of Mediated Education

Office of Mediated Education
Unger Complex
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Phone: 785-532-5698
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Audio/Video Encoding and Editing

The Office of Mediated Education has digitized/encoded hundreds of videos for courses both on and off campus. Present us with your video and we can encode it into a variety of formats to meet your needs. Editing can also be done to enhance the presentation of your educational content.

Encoding of video or audio is available in multiple formats for use in streaming over the Internet, CD (video), CD (audio), CD (data), DVD (video), DVD (data), video tape, and more.

We currently have the ability to extract content from: SVHS (video tape), VHS, VHS-C, MiniDV tapes, any type of DVD, any type of CD and audio cassettes. We can also encode other types of content by special arrangement.

Additionally, we offer audio/video editing to include: titling, sequence editing, audio mixing, graphic insertion, as well as conversion from one media type to another (example .avi to DVD-mpeg).

The cost of this service is billed at a flat rate of $80 per hour.

In addition to the audio/video services listed, consulting services are also available.

To arrange for any of these services or for more information, please contact the Office of Mediated Education's electronic media coordinator, Brent Anders at (785) 532-2449 or superman@k-state.edu

Brent Anders   Electronic Media Coordinator
K-State Foundation Bldg Suite 137A
2323 Anderson Ave.
Kansas State University
(785) 532-2449